Things to do on the Titanic

Inside view of Titanic

The Titanic was for people who enjoyed comfort while at sea, and as a result, it featured lots of activities which the passengers could enjoy as they waited to dock at their destinations. For those in the first class compartments, there was a swimming pool, Turkish baths, a gymnasium, and a racquet court. The company also provided facilities for the less energetic passengers in the form of an orchestra. They could thus listen to the background music as they watched the rolling waves or take part in the various performances throughout the day.

For those who enjoyed games, there were tons of options at the deck, including shuffleboard and ring toss, as well as a myriad of board games such as chess and backgammon. People in the second class compartments were also privy to the latter games. Those traveling in third class were short of formal activities. However, they could always meet in the deck and play various casino games as they tested their luck. Let’s take a look at the different activities and how they impacted the voyage:


While traveling onboard the Titanic, there was no reason for people to lag on their fitness goals as the passengers had access to a gym. It featured cycling machines, an electric horse, an electric camel, and a rowing machine. Access to the facilities set the travelers back a shilling for each session, and the tickets were available from the purser. As people enjoyed the machines, they received the aid of a physical educator who ensured that they did not come to harm while in the gym.

Women would enjoy the machines from nine in the morning until noon before the children came in at one till three in the afternoon. After that, the men would take over and enjoy the facilities until six in the evening. There was thus adequate time for everyone to get their workout in and burn off the calories from the fine dining.

Swimming Pool

The first swimming pool on the sea was in the Olympic, which was a sister ship to the Titanic. Thus, the inclusion of such a facility in the ship pointed to the vessel’s high standards. What’s more, the water was warm, allowing guests to enjoy the pool for hours on end. People in the pool could hardly tell that they were in the middle of the ocean as they enjoyed the calm waters and bathed in the natural light streaming in from the surrounding windows, creating a relaxing environment for the travelers. It was hard to believe that beneath them were steam engines working under the guidance of engineers who worked day and night to keep the pool warm and the ship moving.

Squash Court

People in the first class got to enjoy the squash court, which was in the lower deck. Here, there was an attendant who provided the balls and racquets. If one went down there without an opponent, the attendant was more than willing to take up the role and play with them. Players in the facilities paid two shillings for the services and where there were people in line, one could only enjoy the court for an hour. There was a gallery above the court which allowed people to observe the games from a safe distance.

The Turkish Baths

Those in the first class were able to enjoy these facilities, which provided an ideal way to relax at the end of a long day while at sea. The charges for the facilities were a dollar, which equated to four shillings. While here, travelers could ease their pains and aches. There was a steam room where one could enjoy some detoxing benefits, a temperate room for those trying to avoid too much heat, a hot room for those in the mood for the extremes, shampooing rooms to enjoy some head massages and a cooling room for when the weather got too hot. Additionally, there were electric beds which could heat the body through the use of electric lamps, and these were a joy to experience. Furthermore, there were toilets in the rooms, doing away with the need to leave the baths at any point, until one had their fill of the amenities.

The baths were well-decorated with beautiful tiles adorning the sides and a curtain covering the port-holes while allowing enough light to penetrate the interior. The Moorish theme was a sight to behold, and it made the baths one of the best places to visit on the ship.

Boat Deck

Passengers in the second class received services such as those of the first class in other ships. They had a spacious boat deck lit by electric lamps from where they could play games or take strolls to enjoy the calmness of the sea. There were benches on the deck which provided seating spaces as well as napping areas. People here were able to hold conversations and strike up new relationships as they enjoyed each other’s company.

There were no cafes in this class, and the travelers enjoyed their snacks on the deck or in the library. The open canopy above allowed them to enjoy the fresh air as they engaged in various activities.

Smoke Room

Second class travelers had the privilege of a smoke room to which they would retreat after dinner to enjoy a drink and play games. It featured oak furniture with leather upholstery which made it feel masculine. Only men had access to this room as there was gender segregation at the time.

General Room

This room was for those traveling in third class, and it served many a purpose, including as a play area, nursery, lounge, and recreation space. The white enamel pine finishing and the teak chairs, as well as the lack of upholstering, contributed to the high hygiene standards in the room. The male travelers had access to a smoking room which had spittoons as well as a bar, and they could retreat to this space after a long day. Most of the people in this class were traveling to North America in the hope of a new life, and there was much excitement in this room as they let go of old experiences, in anticipation of the ones to come.

There were many activities in which one could engage no matter one’s class, which was the beauty of this ship.

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